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Reality Of Ryback, His Current WWE Situation, Future and More

There are no words for the magic made by the members of The Shield from the moment they stepped foot in WWE. Ross took part in a plethora of on-screen storylines throughout his illustrious career, but once he began to step away from regular commentary, he started working on more special tasks. Fans were outraged at how Triple H danced around the topic, as they claimed his reasons were flawed and the company came out of the interview looking bitter. Seth Rollins has only been in the spotlight for a few years, bursting onto the scene in as a part of The Shield alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Fans were furious, as Daniel Bryan had garnered a rabid following on the independent circuit and the WWE Universe was enraged that a seemingly small infraction got their favorite Superstar fired, and ultimately WWE would rehire him months later. Take a look: Overangry fans sign Change.

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